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The opinions expressed in this blog are primarily those of Merton D. Finkler Ph.D., retired Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Economics at Lawrence University and William McLaughlin retired Founder President and CEO of Those opinions are based upon many years of education, scholarship, teaching and industry experience. Read their biographies at "Meet the Team" and make your own judgments about the veracity of their opinions.


Letter to the Editor

Over the last several months we have made several information requests of both local health systems (Ascension and ThedaCare). Most recently we requested corporate bylaws and financial assistance policies from both organizations. The bylaws were requested in order that we could learn how members of the board of trustees for both organizations are nominated and selected. Financial assistance policies were specifically requested to learn how these organizations will assist community members purchasing insurance on the exchange who do not qualify for subsidy payments. Many Valley individuals and families are unable to afford coverage despite being above the community average ($59k) in median ho

Chaos Revisited: What's New In The Health Insurance Marketplace?

Source: Daily Kos For those interested in keeping track of the ever moving (and one might say disintegrating) health insurance marketplace, one great place to follow is Austin Frakt and Aaron Carroll's webpage entitled the Incidental Economist. Recently, they have published a number of fascinating articles related to contemporary health policy and health insurance markets. 1. Administrative actions that "improve/confuse/destruct" (you choose) health insurance markets. 2. Why adding work requirements to Medicaid eligibility will neither pass a cost-benefit test nor appreciably change the number of people covered by Medicaid. 3. An illuminating discussion, presenting in video form by Aaron C

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Endorses FVHC Plan for Transformative Health System Change

Marty and Bill met with Citizens Action of Wisconsin: Fox Valley (CAW) yesterday. The outcome of the meeting was that CAW will support our effort alongside their current initiative to allow individuals to buy into the Badger Care program. There was agreement among all parties that the FVHC initiative (create large purchasing pools anchored by the public sector: counties, cities, and schools) offers a greater likelihood of near-term implementation as it doesn't require approval from the state or federal governments. We look forward to growing our relationship with CAW Fox Valley as well as the statewide group.

Activity Update

Marty, David, and Bill met with Mayor Tim Hanna of Appleton Thursday afternoon. We discussed a number of issues but focused on our proposal for creating an affordable medical insurance plan in the Fox Valley. It was a very productive meeting. Prior to meeting with the Mayor we met with Peter Kelly, CEO of United Way of the Fox Cities and members of the Appleton Post Crescent editorial board. All meetings were very productive and will continue. Thanks to Mayor Hanna, Peter Kelly, and the Post Crescent editors.

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