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The opinions expressed in this blog are primarily those of Merton D. Finkler Ph.D., retired Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Economics at Lawrence University and William McLaughlin retired Founder President and CEO of Those opinions are based upon many years of education, scholarship, teaching and industry experience. Read their biographies at "Meet the Team" and make your own judgments about the veracity of their opinions.


Fox Valley Health Care Calls for Resignation of ThedaCare Trustees

We have submitted the following letter to the editor of the Post-Crescent and have been informed that it will be published on December 1, 2018. Letter to the Editor: In his recent letter, Walt Edwards (former President of Appleton Medical Center) made two, important observations: (1) our local health systems (“hospitals”) were built by this community, and (2) they are now led by people with little connection to this community. Health care is a unique service that resembles education and other public services more than manufactured and other private products. Thus health care receives enormous public support in the form of tax exemptions for property, profit, and publicly-subsidized debt as w

Letter to the Editor From Former President of Appleton Medical Center

Recently, Walt Edwards, former President of Appleton Medical Center (and CFO prior to being President), published a letter to the editor of the Post Crescent. As it is now in the public domain we are taking the liberty of sharing it with our readers. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Reader questions ThedaCare decision to end partnership with Cardiology Associates. "This community has been blessed with exceptional health care for many years, but changes are occurring that should have us all concerned. A prime example is ThedaCare’s decision to replace the entire group of cardiologists that have served this community for 50 years. This group of physicians formerly known as Appleton Cardiology Associates


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