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The opinions expressed in this blog are primarily those of Merton D. Finkler Ph.D., retired Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Economics at Lawrence University and William McLaughlin retired Founder President and CEO of Those opinions are based upon many years of education, scholarship, teaching and industry experience. Read their biographies at "Meet the Team" and make your own judgments about the veracity of their opinions.


Why We Are Opposed to the Proposed ThedaCare Project

Does the Fox Valley Really Need Another Elaborate Specialist Facility? We say NO! On November 6th, ThedaCare, in conjunction with the Neuroscience Group and the Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin, announced their plan to construct a $144 million Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Center “to meet the changing needs of the community.” Last week we posted our view of this expensive endeavor, especially in light of the new orthopedic facility in the Fox Valley proposed by Ascension and the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists of Green Bay. This blog posting focuses on related questions: what are the needs of the community and how might community resources be used to meet them? One set of answer

Here We Go Again...

Fox Valley Health Care Transformation Initiative was formed two and one half years ago to oppose a proposed new hospital by ThedaCare on the basis of both cost and need. That project would have shuttered the existing facilities in Appleton and Neenah and created a new one on the southwest side of our area. That effort was ultimately abandoned. ThedaCare just announced their intention to build a $144 million facility on the campus of Encircle Health on the north side of Appleton just east of Ballard Road. For those of you who don’t understand what Encircle Health is we offer this explanation. In our opinion, it is an effort by ThedaCare to capture independent physician specialists and prevent


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