Action Required...It's Your Turn.

At our recent presentation (Lawrence University, October 16) we noted that, without pressure from local citizens, the status quo will likely continue. It was suggested at the meeting that we draft a letter that could be used to communicate to local officials to encourage them to support the Fox Valley Health Care Transformation Initiative proposal. All you need to do is copy the text of the message, below, and send it (email to those with email and USPS to Appleton Public Schools and/or County Board members) to one or all of the community leaders listed below.

Thank you for your support.

Local Officials

1. Appleton:


Common Council:

(Paste the content of the letter below in the text box. You can send to the entire council in this way OR choose your alderperson.

2. Outagamie County:

Executive: Thomas Nelson. Email:

Executive Assistant: Craig Moser. Email:

County Board: No contact information on their website. You will have to call 832-1684 (Office of the County Executive) to obtain emails/addresses for board members.

3. Appleton Public Schools: No emails provided on website. Send your letter via USPS to:

Attn. <Superintendent, President>

Appleton Public Schools

PO Box 2019​ Appleton, WI 54912-2019​​

Judy Baseman Superintendent

Kay Eggert President

4. Fox Valley Technical College

President: Susan May. Email:


Copy and paste or print the text below. Be sure to address the appropriate individual(s) in the salutation (that which appears after "Dear").

Dear <Mayor/Council, County Executive/Assistant, School Board Superintendent/President, FVTC President>,

I’m writing to express my frustration with the unwillingness of the two health care systems in the Fox Valley to deliver affordable medical care that meets the community’s needs. I have chosen to write to you given your responsibility to act on behalf of the community.

According to the Health Care Cost Institute’s Chartbook of Healthcare Prices, the prices charged by Ascension and ThedaCare are among the highest in the country. Fox Valley residents whose health insurance plans impose high deductibles, or who live on fixed incomes, cannot afford to pay $1,000, $5,000, or even $10,000 to get medically necessary care for a chronic illness such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, a heart condition, or an ulcer. The prices that we have to pay mean that many Fox Valley families have a difficult time covering basic expenses such as food, clothing, shelter, and daily transportation.

The crisis in local health care costs has other devastating consequences. According the Kaiser Family Foundation, one third of the insured in poor or fair health postpone care because of cost. Our doctors are often not allowed to spend enough time with us to ensure that we are choosing the most appropriate and affordable care.

We would love to have the opportunity to obtain affordable healthcare that is not based on a fee-for-service payment system that forces us, as each symptom arises, to choose whether to skip treatment or not. Unfortunately, the Fox Valley doesn’t have a Group Health Coop or a Kaiser Permanente program that enables us, for an affordable monthly premium, to obtain without excessive cost-sharing all the health care services we need. We encourage you to support the creation of a health care purchasing cooperative that offers high quality, comprehensive care at a price that our family can afford. The plan recommended by the Fox Valley Health Care Transformation Initiative would markedly improve our options. We encourage you to get on board for real reform of health care delivery in the Fox Valley. We ask you to publicly support the purchasing cooperative and value-plus-choice plan proposed by the Fox Valley Health Care Transformation Initiative.


<Your name and address>