Letter to the Editor From Former President of Appleton Medical Center

Recently, Walt Edwards, former President of Appleton Medical Center (and CFO prior to being President), published a letter to the editor of the Post Crescent. As it is now in the public domain we are taking the liberty of sharing it with our readers.


Reader questions ThedaCare decision to end partnership with Cardiology Associates.

"This community has been blessed with exceptional health care for many years, but changes are occurring that should have us all concerned.

A prime example is ThedaCare’s decision to replace the entire group of cardiologists that have served this community for 50 years. This group of physicians formerly known as Appleton Cardiology Associates is no longer welcome in the ThedaCare system.

I have had the honor of working with these great physicians for many years to create a world- class heart program here in Appleton. But like so many other physicians, Appleton Cardiology Associates is no longer viewed as a desired partner.

It’s sad for me to hear from many physicians, nurses and other health care staff who are no longer proud to be part of the ThedaCare system. Our local hospitals were built by this community but are now being led by people who don’t care about that history nor do they have any ties to our community.

My deep desire is that the ThedaCare Board of Directors is paying attention to what is going on. Are they asking the ThedaCare leadership the tough questions about whether this community’s health care needs, and long term interests, are being met?

I do not believe that replacing the cardiology physicians is in the best interest of our community."

Walt Edwards, Greenville (former president of Appleton Medical Center, 1988-1997)