We are looking for a few Greta Thunbergs...

February 18, 2019


We have been taken with the courage and no-nonsense rhetoric of a  young woman from Sweden: Greta Thunberg. This young woman stood before a United Nations conference on climate change in Poland recently and told world leaders: “You are not mature enough to tell it like (it) is. Even that burden you leave to us children.”


These words resonate with us because a similar indictment should be made of those who are given the privilege of leading our local health care organizations. They have not been mature enough to engage with our challenges to their current business model. That model is ingesting far too much local income which, consequently, burdens local residents with unsustainable expenses, limits investments in other businesses and services that we need in our community and yields mediocre population health results.


We are on the cusp of a new presidential campaign season-the first Democratic debate is about three months away. Health care will once again take center stage. It was the #1 issue in the midterms according to pollsters and will continue to dominate the debate. This is the time to take our message to the Fox Valley community...with a vengeance. 


So, we are looking for a few Greta Thunbergs. You don’t have to be sixteen. We welcome all age groups. As Greta says in today’s New York Times when speaking of adults who praise her: “I think it would be helpful if you (adults) would help us a little bit.”


Fox Valley Health Care is looking for a few people who will help us a little bit. We have reserved Meeting Room A at the Appleton Public Library on March 11, 2019 from 7pm to 9pm. Please RSVP to foxvalleyhealthcare@gmail.com if you will commit to attend this first organizational meeting. We will start the meeting promptly at 7pm and conclude promptly at 9pm. Come join with us to change the way health care is organized and financed in the Fox Valley. More detailed information will be provided to those who will attend the meeting.


If you want to listen to Greta's speech, see below.


Thank you.


Marty Finkler

Bill McLaughlin


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