Our New Podcast

We have started a podcast to help our subscribers understand the problem we all face with rising health care costs and what we can do to fix this very serious problem. There are currently three episodes that are live on the site: (1) Introduction of presenters (Marty Finkler and Bill McLaughlin), (2) Public vs. Private Goods, and (3) Three Major Mistakes of the US Health System. We will continue to publish more episodes, some of which will include special guests, and will, eventually, publish them on Apple iTunes and Spotify. We will let you know when they are on those services.

To view the podcast, click on "Podcast" on the Main Menu. On the Podcast page click the smaller image of the presenters and that will take you to the player. To scroll through episodes click "Next Episode" or "Previous Episode" at the bottom of the Player Page.

We welcome you comments and questions. To reach us use the "Contact" link on the Main Menu, above. We will have episodes dedicated to answering questions you may have as you listen to the podcasts.